I make your unique piece of jewelry with a lot of love in my own studio.

If your piece of jewelry needs a repair within two years of purchase under normal use, I will be happy to repair it for you.

Depending on what exactly is broken, this can be done for free.

Did your piece of jewelry got stuck somewhere or did your little sprout pull too hard on your necklace or bracelet?

I will look and see how we can restore your piece of jewelry and how much this costs. If you agree, I will gladly restore it for you.

If you have a new baby or you have a new lover,  I will gladly adjust  your piece of jewelry.

The repair or adjustment of a gilded jewel is accompanied by an extra cost for re-gilding.

Has your piece of jewelry become dull by wearing? You can easily clean it in a silver bath or in warm water with a dash of cleaning vinegar. Afterwards it is 'shiny as ever'.

Do not hesitate to contact me via info@veroniquesneyaert.be when you have questions about your VERONIQUE jewel or a repair.

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