Christmas, a period of warmth…

Christmas, a period of warmth…

Astrid had a special Christmas wish.

Her dad had passed away after a short but intense period of suffering.  He was her hero and her mamma’s great love.  That first Christmas without her dad would undoubtedly become tough. Astrid wanted to give her mum a special gift in order to comfort her.  She asked me if it would be possible to make a neckless with her mum’s name, in her dad’s handwriting.  He had written a letter to everyone just before he passed.

After the holidays I got this message from her : 
“Wanted to let you know that mum is crazy happy with her neckless.  Lots of tears of happiness and heard at least a dozen times ‘This is the best gift ever’.  She has a piece of dad close to her…  So, mission accomplished.  Wanted to thank you for…well, everything.  It’s always fantastic to see mum shine J

This gives me a warm feeling.