When Tom came to Riva del Garda for the first time, he lost a piece of his heart. Later he took his #mooistemeisjevandewereld to this place. Riva was the perfect place to give the rest of his heart to her.

I was his 'partner in crime'. He asked me if I wanted to make the engagement ring. A secret that I had to keep very well ... since both Tom and Trui were my colleagues back then.

Tom and I thought deeply about the right symbolism for the perfect ring.
It became a round ring with a moonstone. The moonstone is associated with love in many cultures. Give your beloved a moonstone on the day of a full moon and you will be passionately in love with each other for eternity ... to the moon and back.

In April they went to Riva. Trui did'nt suspect anything. Tom had his beautiful ring in his pocket, I was curious about their moment.
After he popped the question I got an incredibly beautiful and emotional message from Riva from the bride to be. She was overjoyed!

To complete the story, I also made the wedding rings for them.
They have been married for 1 year now and are still happy to the moon and back.

To the moon and back
To the moon and back
To the moon and back