This eight girls have been a close friends group for almost ten years now. For every birthday, a fun and appropriate gift is always sought.

Melissa, the group's panda, came up with a great idea when she discovered my instagram: a personalized friendship bracelet for every birthday!

The girlfriend group has a whatsapp group called 'Zoo'. Every friend has her own emoticon animal. You guessed it: for every friendship bracelet everyone chose ... an animal!

Els is the curly one and the joker of the group. That's why she chose a poodle.

Melissa is without doubt the little panda bear. She even got a panda onesie from her friends to chill in.

Fabrice is the fashion queen of the group even though she does not know this herself. She always looks beautiful and is very fashionable. A peacock was perfect for her!

Anne calls herself the nerd of the group. A better description is 'having the brains and the looks'. Anne is the handsome, wise owl.

The tiger is perfect for Marjon. A tiger is brave, likes to work independently, but feels good about fellows, avoids conflicts with peers and is looking for solutions ... a perfect match!

Steffi is 'the catlady' of the group. She loves cats and is a real bon vivant, playful and agile.

Heleen is the koala bear. She is a real cuddler, funny, tolerant and she also looks just like a cute koala bear!

Klaartje chose a deer. Fallow deer is her totem with her scouts group. The fallow deer is playful, happy, restless and agile and just a very nice animal!

Animal fun!

The Zoo