Hannelore is a heroine!

She is so grateful and positive in life, enjoying every day because she knows that life is short for her. After six years of serious health problems, she now has terminal brain cancer. She asked me to make a golden necklace with her pet name 'Loorke', written in her handwriting, for her mother. For me it was the first time that I made a memory piece of jewelry for someone who was still there and that made me very huble.

Hannelore does not let her health problems, often accompanied by incomprehension, come to her heart and continues to enjoy the little things, she creates memories and enjoys nice moments with the beautiful people around her. To make her life moto even more powerful, I made for her a necklace with 'forever a fighter'. And she is, 'never a victim, forever a fighter', a lot of respect for this beautiful fighter xxx

we want tomorrow
we want everything
we want it time after time
but maybe
we find in less
much more


Hannelore died on August 21, she was 32.