I will not soon forget the story of Ankie.

Nadia, a good friend of Ankie's daughter Bente, had recently stepped out of life. Nadia had made this difficult decision after a long agony, which she had shared with Bente. Now Bente had to say goodbye to Nadia.

Ankie wanted to offer her daughter comfort with a tangible reminder of Nadia.

Nadia had a butterfly tattoo on her arm. A nice symbol for a bracelet for Bente, Ankie thought. The only image of the tattoo I found at minute 23:01 of the documentary https://www.vice.com/nl/article/de-jongeren-met-psychische-problemen-die-not-verder-willen-leven

This is a touchingly beautiful documentary that Nadia left behind as support for other young people with psychological problems. This document has had an enormous impact on me and thousands of others.

Ankie gave her daughter her bracelet at a  beautiful moment. Bente thought it was wonderful. She was deeply moved. "We are so grateful to you !!!!" she sent.

Dear Ankie, dear Bente, I am so grateful to you.