Your personal data are processed by CV VERONIQUE, Djef Swennenstraat 9, 3500 Hasselt, for creating and restoring your unique piece of jewelry and telling your story. Your data is not passed on to anyone else in any way. Via you may always ask which data I process about you and adjust or delete them.

Via the newsletter, on which you can easily subscribe and unsubscribe via, I will keep you informed of news that may be of interest to you as a customer.

CV VERONIQUE asks you to use the #veroniquesneyaert when you post a photo on your social media with a piece of jewelry made by CV VERONIQUE. This is of course not an obligation, if you share a photo with this # this is completely voluntary. A public photo with this # can be used by CV VERONIQUE in her own social media as a promotion tool. If you do not want this, you can ask this via 

CV VERONIQUE publishes photos and stories of you as a carier of a piece of jewelry made by CV VERONIQUE. The publication of stories and photos is always in consultation with and with the permission of the owner of the photo and the narrator of the story.

If you do not agree with the way in which I process your data, you can contact the Commission for the protection of privacy (Rue des Printers 35, 1000 Brussels).