Each and every piece of jewelry is inspired by your story. 
It makes all personalized Veronique jewelry unique, which is truly important to me.

Your story

Grant yourself the time to tell me your story and to compose your wish-list using my "warm" web store.  It's a place where your story get’s all the attention it needs, and where you can personalize your special piece of jewelry in a empathetic space. You'll find clear, well-structured selection options, ensuring that your unique piece will be exactly as you'd like it. 

Your design

You can personalize a piece of "story" jewelry by using your own handwriting, a font of your choice, a drawing, a fingerprint, a bit of ash, your own design, or something else. You can add a description and an image to your wish-list.

Feel inspired by the photos at each section for the various categories of special moments or life stores,  as well as on my Instagram and Pinterest. You can also read the beautiful stories behind the jewelry that I create in the "Stories" section. I always tell these stories in consultation with you, and with great respect for you, the narrator. 

More details, measurements and prices can be found at bottom of each collection page. It also provides a clearer view of how your unique jewelry may look. For any other information, I refer you to the Frequently Asked Questions. 

I will create a design, based on your story, which you can expect to receive within two to three weeks after sending me your wish-list. Together, we will refine the design until it's exactly the way you want it. As soon as you're happy with the design, I'll get to work in my studio. You can only order jewelry based on your persponal story via my "warm" web store, not via email or social media. 

Your story jewelry

I will craft your "story" jewelry with a lot of love especially for you. Therefor I need about six weeks after you've approved the design.

I understand that there are situations where you would like to give a piece of jewelry to someone on a special date, yet it's not always possible to have your gift made in time for that special date. In such cases, I am happy to send a lovely ‘Speciaal voor jou’ gift voucher without mentioning the amount. With the ‘Speciaal voor jou’ gift voucher, you tell that special person that their unique piece of jewelry is on its way. It means that you can still give a unique and personal gift on time, and the person who receives it will have something beautiful to look forward to.

Your package

As soon as your special piece of jewelry is ready, I'll pack it and ship it with great care. You will be able to carry your story with you forever, or gift it to somebody beloved and special.

Thank you for your confidence and trust.

Veronique xxx 

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